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Collage / Motion Graphics / Video


The base for the storytelling concept was texture. Skin is texture and so is paper. And just like paper, skin absorbs.

I made an analogy between paper with watercolor and skin with Nøie.

Watercolor has this organic look, this natural ink that can be diluted in water and penetrates the paper. So, I gave paper texture to the video by scanning a few papers that I had, then I applied watercolor paintings, and, in after effects, created this ink revealing process. As if the watercolor could reveal the truth beneath the layers.




Collage / Motion Graphics / Video



"A facial cleanser customised for your skin"
"Whit it"
"You are sure to get the best out of the active ingredients"
"And one step closer to healthier skin"
"At Nøie we make customised skincare"
"For you..."
"And your specific skin issues."