My passion is creation.
Creation is endless.

My studio is a place of artistic development.

About Me

My focus is to create and produce quality artistic content.

I grew up in movie theatres, and playing around with my grandfather’s camera, with which I always made my videos, still in a beta cassette.

By the time I graduated we had entered the digital age. I saw it all happen, the romance of film fading and the incredible opportunities that pixel brought. The marriage of moving image and sound has always fascinated me! A perfect way to tell stories, because my inner vision was externalized, like the product of a dream. It has always been, for me, a tool of personal expression that helped me find understanding from others.

I’m a visual storyteller, whether it’s with the drawing pen, the writing pen, the shutter click on the photo, or the 24 frames per second race.

Publications & Features
Illustration for Contemporary Portuguese Illustration “Equilibrium” competition — Portugal
Illustrations for KERB – Journal of Landscape Architecture “Selective Perceptions” — Australia
Video exhibition at PARATISSIMA — Portugal

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